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The Best Anti-Aging Habits To Get Into

The Best Anti-Aging Habits To Get Into

The Best Anti-Aging Habits To Get Into

No matter what your age, a good health and beauty routine will benefit both how you feel and how you look - and the earlier your start, the longer the benefits.

Aging has a horrible way of creeping up on us and there is nothing we can do to stop time, but there is a lot we can do to stop time from having a negative impact on how we feel about ourselves.

The Sun

Most of us love the sun. It makes us feel good, look good and generally enhances our mood. What better way is there to spend time than enjoying a day on the beach with your family, friends or partner, or sitting in the park enjoying a picnic on a sunny afternoon? However, while the sun can make us happy, it can also do a lot of damage, especially to our skin. By getting into the habit of applying sunscreen to your face every day, you are making a long-term investment in your skin health. Many face creams include SPF protection, and if you enjoy looking bronzed, you can always invest in a spray tan or good quality bronzer. When you're sitting outside and enjoying the warm weather, always wear a wide-brimmed sun hat.

The Sun


Make sure you moisturize daily, both morning and night. Invest in good-quality products that replenish and hydrate your skin and avoid getting fragranced face products as these can dry out the skin and cause irritation. Central heating can also dry out the skin, as can harsh weather, so remember to moisturize all year-round, not just in the summer months.

Treat yourself to hydrating face masks and get into the habit of exfoliating regularly to remove dead skin, improve circulation and encourage blood flow. Although your face is the most exposed part of the body, don’t forget the rest of your body, too. A rich body lotion applied after bathing will keep skin soft and nourished. Applying an anti-aging serum can help protect your skin from pollutants in the environment while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. This Anti-Aging Antioxidant Renewal Serum benefits from Aloe Vera juice, shea butter and safflower seed oil.

 Anti-Aging Antioxidant Renewal Serum

Carbohydrates and Sweet Treats

Carbohydrates provide slow-release energy and keep us going during the day. However, having too many carbs can affect the body’s ability to plump the skin and this, in turn, encourages wrinkles. Sugar has a similar effect, and because it only gives a short-term energy boost, it can often make us eat more when we "crash", which is bad for weight management and heart health.

Get outside

Try to get outside every day. Whether it’s for a run, a walk or a bike ride, fresh air can improve our mood, our health and our fitness. All these factors can improve our appearance and keep us fitter and healthier for longer.


Ensure you get a good night’s sleep regularly. Not enough sleep can cause the skin to look dull and lifeless, and when we’re tired, we automatically reach for the sugar boost to keep us going. Restorative rest is not only good for our appearance but also our mental health and wellbeing, giving us time to wind down and relax. Try to avoid screen time before going to sleep; ideally, you should turn your phone off at night and place it out of reach.

Applying a night cream can help with your skin's elasticity and firmness, reduce the appearance of age spots, and give you a more even skin tone. This Detox Nightwear Cream will give you a radiant healthy glow.

Detox Nightwear Cream


Drinking enough water is probably the most beneficial thing we can do for our skin and body health. Try to get into the habit of always having a water bottle with you, whether at work, home, or out and about. This way, you can monitor your intake and it becomes a healthy habit instead of something you need to remember to do. You should also try to monitor your alcohol intake. Don’t drink every day, and when you do drink, drink in moderation.

Good Fats

Yes, there are good fats, and they are good for you and your skin. Foods with good fats to incorporate into your diet include olive oil, avocado and nuts.

You don’t need to give up what you enjoy to lead a healthy and happy life, but knowing what your body needs to stay fit and healthy can help you incorporate good habits into your everyday life and help you look and feel better for longer.