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Grooming Tips for Nose and Ear Hair

Grooming Tips for Nose and Ear Hair

Grooming Tips for Nose and Ear Hair

Nose and ear hair are a fact of life for many men. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to become fashionable in the near future to go around sporting nose and ear hair, and it can be distracting for those around you. To make sure that you don’t spoil an important business presentation, it is necessary to stay groomed. Here are some tips to help you.

Do It Yourself

Grooming nose and ear hair is a simple procedure, and you can carry it out at home if you want to. There are several ways to go about this DIY grooming:


You can use home waxing for the removal of unwanted hair. This rips the hair out at the root, so it will take longer to grow back. This means you won’t have to do it as often. However, it can be a bit messy. This can also get expensive as you have to keep buying the waxing kits.


Use specially designed scissors that have rounded-edge blades if you want to make the process pain-free. These will prevent you from stabbing the tissue on these delicate parts. This is a low-cost option because once you have the scissors, you can keep using them and you can also use them for other types of facial hair, such as your beard or mustache - just remember to finish these areas with a beard oil, such as Woodsman's Woodsy Walk Beard Oil for the best effect. However, they can be quite tricky to use, and you will need more than one mirror to do the job properly.

Woodsman's Woodsy Walk Beard Oil


Using a trimmer can be quite an easy process as you just need to put the device in your nose or ear. The hairs will get caught between the blade guard and the clipper, and you will be neat and tidy in no time. They do take a bit of practice to get used to, but once you get into the groove, you will find them easy to use.

Electric trimmer

An electric trimmer can get the job done fast and is also quite easy to use on your eyebrows, beard, mustache, and sideburns, which can then be finished off with a Beard Balm. It may be a little more expensive to buy one of these outright, especially a good one, but if you are going to use it a lot, it is worth the money.

Beard Balm

Go To the Barber Shop

A trip to the barber shop to groom your nose and ear hair can be scheduled with your regular haircut and it should not take too much extra time. The advantage of going to the barber shop is that it will save you the hassle of having to do it yourself. A barber will be very experienced at this type of grooming, which will speed up the process and give you the peace of mind that they know what they are doing. Another advantage the barber has is that they can move around your body to get the best view of your nose and ear hair. This means that they shouldn’t miss any hairs as you might because you can’t see your own nose and ear hair from a great angle.

Go To the Barber Shop

There are two types of hair removal your barber is likely to offer you:


This is a similar process to the one you would perform at home. Some men find this process painful at first, but once you have had it done a few times, your body should get used to the sensation and it shouldn’t sting quite as much.


If you don’t like the thought of being waxed, sugaring could be the way to go. A treacly sugar consistency is applied at a lukewarm temperature. It molds against the natural direction of the hair growth as it cools and removes it while it is in the early stages of growth. This is less painful than waxing and does not cause as much irritation.

Laser Technology

This is one of the options you have for grooming your nose and ear hair. Visit your dermatologist for a consultation and they will be able to let you know how many times they would expect to have to repeat the process before your unwanted hair is removed permanently. This does come with quite a hefty price tag, so you may want to consider it for a while before you book your consultation.

These grooming tips will help you get rid of your nose and ear hair. Try them yourself and see which method works best for you.