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Do Hair Styling Products Cause Baldness?

Do Hair Styling Products Cause Baldness?

Do Hair Styling Products Cause Baldness?

The idea of going bald can be somewhat nerve-wracking for many people. Maybe you have a family history that makes baldness more likely, or perhaps you just value your hair. Either way, you probably want to avoid anything that could increase the risk while still being able to use products that can help you maintain your style.

Causes of baldness

Everyone loses some hair naturally - as many as 100 hairs a day at times. Outright baldness is most often associated with middle-aged and older men, but it can affect women as well. The most common cause of baldness is genetics and often begins with the hair gradually thinning. Other factors can include stress, hormones, illness, iron deficiency, cancer treatment and certain medications, some of which will only have a temporary effect. If you have started to lose larger amounts of hair, it may have nothing to do with your styling products, so there is no need to panic.

Sometimes, you may be tempted to increase your use of products to try to cover your hair loss, but some treatments may actually damage the hair. This includes products that make the hair thinner, drier and more fragile. These products will not cause baldness, but they may exacerbate the effects of causes such as genetics that cannot be avoided.

Hair washing

Hair washing

Shampoos that contain alcohol have a reputation for being particularly harsh on the hair and scalp. Water-based products are much gentler and easier to remove. Washing your hair regularly to remove products such as gel is an essential part of keeping your scalp and hair healthy, which in turn can alleviate irritation and hair loss. While these products may not cause baldness, they could aggravate it. If you are experiencing baldness, it may be advisable to minimize your use of products overall, especially if you have underlying issues that need to be resolved.


Certain chemicals used in hairstyling products can dry and damage hair, making hair loss more likely. Products like the Men Hair Hydrator have the opposite effect, and therefore will make your hair healthier rather than causing it to fall out.

Men Hair Hydrator


Hair dye is one of the most common products you may put on your head. Some include conditioner and moisturizer that limit the damage they cause, but they may also include damaging substances such as lead. Some chemicals used in hair dye can also cause scalp irritation, which does not help.


Like dye, bleach contains powerful chemicals. It is known for making hair particularly dry and brittle because it reduces its natural moisture levels. For both dye and bleach, it is best to ask a professional to apply the product. This should minimize any damage. It also means the effect is likely to last longer, meaning it will not need to be reapplied as often.

Hair relaxers

Other chemicals used to loosen or straighten curly hair can be found in hair relaxers. Substances such as lye can cause irritation and even burning, which in turn may contribute to some hair loss.



Many heat-related treatments, such as hot oil, can cause hair damage when used to excess. Even blow-drying your hair regularly can cause heat damage. Straighteners and curling irons can have an even stronger effect. Occasional use is unlikely to cause major problems, but the more they are used, the more likely it is that your hair will become particularly brittle and prone to breaking.


You can also damage your hair and exacerbate baldness through techniques such as overbrushing or backcombing. Some hairstyles, such as tight ponytails or cornrows, can stretch the hair until the scalp is put under too much stress, which can cause a type of hair loss known as traction alopecia. If you enjoy these hairstyles, make sure you do not wear them all the time, especially if it starts to feel painful. Extensions and weaves can also cause excess strain.

The evidence on how hair styling products affect baldness is not conclusive. Most causes of baldness are natural, but it is possible some chemicals and techniques can aggravate hair loss by making hair dry and brittle or putting it under too much stress. If you have concerns about your hair loss, talk to a doctor to try to identify the underlying cause before trying to manage or treat it.

By being careful not to overuse products, seeking professional assistance when appropriate and ensuring you wash and care for your hair regularly, you can help mitigate any negative effects from styling and keep your head healthy and full.