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Causes Of Men's Hair Loss

Causes Of Men's Hair Loss

Causes Of Men's Hair Loss

Hair loss and thinning hair are a fact of life for many men all over the world, with up to 70% of men affected. There are many different causes, including genetics, environment or a health condition, and every man’s experience is unique to them.

How men deal with hair loss will also differ, with some taking it in stride and others struggling to come to terms with it, even suffering from depression and anxiety caused by the thinning or loss of their hair.

The actual physical cause of hair loss in men is typically a result of the hair growth cycle being interrupted. There are three parts to hair growth, including active growth, transitional and resting; when the cycle breaks down, it can result in hair being shed before new hair is ready to grow.

Stress can be a cause of hair loss, and so can an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Both of these can lead to a receding hairline and sometimes total hair loss. However, the most common reason for hair loss in men is genetics, so men who have fathers and grandfathers with hair loss are more likely to experience it, too.

Changes in the body’s makeup can play a big part in hair loss. Hormonal changes can affect the male hormones, and this, in turn, impacts hair follicles. The result is smaller and shorter hair until eventually no hair is produced at all.

Diet can play a big part in hair production. If the body isn’t getting enough of the right nutrients, hair growth may be impacted. There are also more extreme reasons for hair loss. Conditions such as alopecia cause hair to fall out completely, and certain medications and treatments for other health-related issues can have hair loss as a side effect. For example, treatment for arthritis, heart disease and radiation for people with cancer can cause hair loss.

In addition to stress, certain chemicals and even hairstyles can cause hair loss, albeit temporarily.

Stages of hair loss

The first sign a man is losing his hair is when he begins to notice it’s falling out and that there are patches of thinner hair in certain areas. This usually happens on the crown area of the head. A man may also notice his hairline is receding, which usually begins at the forehead and moves further back towards the scalp as time goes on. This can be particularly distressing for younger men, and they may choose to keep their hair long in order to hide a receding hairline.

More unusual and dramatic stages are when random patches of bald spots appear on the scalp, which could also be a symptom of a skin condition such as psoriasis or dermatitis.

Facial Hair

Facial hair is not affected by hair loss, and beards have become more and more popular in recent years, with men caring for and grooming their beards more than ever before. A whole range of products have been produced to help with grooming beards, including specially formulated oils. The Cold Brew Beard Oil gives beards a healthy shine and hydrates and softens coarse facial hair, while the Peppermint Natural Vegan Premium Beard Oil moisturizes and conditions.

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There are treatments to slow down the processes of hair loss and hair thinning, but there is no cure. Anyone who wants to explore their options should talk to a specialist to rule out any medical conditions.

There are products formulated especially for men suffering from hair loss and a range of hair styling products that can help hairstyles stay in place and keep hair looking healthy and in good condition. Men Hair Hydrator is a product that contains Pro-Vitamin B5, Citric Acid and Arginine, giving hair a high-quality treatment with every use.

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Using a gentle daily shampoo will keep hair looking and feeling its best. The Active Man Daily Shampoo helps strengthen and repair the hair right from the roots.

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Some men resort to steroid injections and others pay for hair transplants, but the best thing a man can do to prevent hair loss is to eat a healthy diet and ensure he is getting enough iron, zinc and Vitamin A. Some research suggests that smoking can cause damage to hair follicles, as can excessive drinking and a lack of sleep. Regular exercise and relaxation will also help to manage stress levels, but the best advice for men is not to worry too much and embrace their hair type, whatever that might be.