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Are Beauty Supplements Safe To Use?

Are Beauty Supplements Safe To Use?

Are Beauty Supplements Safe To Use?

Beauty supplements are a growing market for good reason. Whether they are trying to delay the aging process, controlling a skin condition, or simply enhancing natural features, people are willing to invest in looking their best, even if it means taking daily supplements.


Skincare is not just about cleansing and moisturizing but also how we live our lives and our individual environment. External factors including what we eat, how often we drink, whether or not we smoke, our sleeping pattern and our stress levels can all impact our appearance.

What we ingest goes into our blood supply, which then feeds our skin. This is why beauty supplements are marketed to help from the inside.

Vitamins and Nutrients

There are certain vitamins and nutrients that can boost our appearance. For example, vitamins A, C and E are particularly beneficial for our skin. Many of the B vitamins are also useful thanks to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. However, much of what we need can be found in food, as long as we have the right diet. Many of these vitamins can also be found in face and body creams and can be absorbed by the body instead of ingested. The CC Serum with Vitamin C provides vitamins for the skin and aids elasticity.

CC Serum with Vitamin C

The results you are looking for will help determine the type of supplement you should take. Skin that is prone to breakouts will benefit from a supplement that helps regulate the amount of oil that the skin produces and offers anti-inflammatory ingredients.

For anyone wanting to give dull skin a boost, a supplement packed with vitamins can really provide skin with a healthy, natural glow. However, there are concerns that high doses of vitamins and supplements can interfere with other medications and have other side effects, so consumers are advised to seek professional advice before starting to take supplements for beauty or any health condition.

If your skin is reacting to a lifestyle change or stress, omega-3 supplements can really help to calm and soothe the skin while providing fatty acids that aid vision and brain health.

Some supplements market themselves as food for the skin. These tend to be full of antioxidants and offer a general boost to help rejuvenate the skin and keep it healthy, but there are serums that can do the same thing. The CoQ10 Antioxidant Green Tea Extract, Co-Enzyme Q10 Boost Serum has been formulated to protect from air pollutants and also has antioxidant capabilities.

CoQ10 Antioxidant Green Tea Extract, Co-Enzyme Q10 Boost Serum

Not all supplements are made to be taken daily. Some can be taken periodically when needed - for example, after a period of overindulgence or bad sleeping.



Many women strive for firmer, stronger-looking skin, and celebrities regularly discuss the benefits of turmeric, magnesium and zinc supplements. Anyone wishing to delay the aging process should look at supplements with these key ingredients. Similarly, collagen supplements have been around for many years and have long been associated with improving elasticity and plumpness. Many different supplements have been developed over the years, but collagen is still used today to improve hair and nail growth as well as the appearance of our skin. As we age, we naturally produce less collagen than we did when we were younger. Research shows that in our 20s, we lose 1% of collagen; by the time we are in our 50s, we will have lost up to a third, which results in wrinkles and drier skin as well as stiffness in our joints. Collagen supplements are easily absorbed into the bloodstream and are considered a safe and popular beauty supplement.

Hyaluronic Acid

A more recent supplement that is becoming more and more popular is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that is found in the body. When taken as a supplement, research has shown that it can reduce the appearance of fine lines and reverse skin damage. It can also be used to help with muscle and joint discomfort.

Not everyone has the perfect diet, and certain diets might lead to deficiencies in key vitamins and nutrients. This is where beauty supplements can play a role, particularly as we get older. It may be worth getting a blood test before investing in any kind of beauty or diet supplement as this will help identify what the body is lacking and what it needs.

Beauty supplements have a role to play, and if taken correctly, they can help the skin to look and feel its best.