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5 Tips For Men To Help Look After Their Hair

5 Tips For Men To Help Look After Their Hair

5 Tips For Men To Help Look After Their Hair

Gone are the days when men’s hair care involved nothing more than a quick shampoo and rinse. Today, many men know that caring for their hair is the only way they can keep it looking and feeling great. The trouble can be that there is so much information and so many products around that the whole idea can seem totally overwhelming. If you’re among the many men who shy away from hair care routines because they simply sound too complicated, here are some easy - and non-scary - tips to get you on the road to fantastic-looking hair.

1. Dry the right way

If you’re one of those men who gets out of the shower and scrubs at your hair with a towel, it's time to stop! This is the time when your hair is most vulnerable, and all that scrubbing is going to do it no good at all. Wet hair is incredibly easy to damage, and when you rub it with a towel, some of it will get caught in the fabric’s threads. This can lead to stretching and breaking, which is what you want to avoid. This rough treatment can actually cause all sorts of appearance issues related to damage to your hair’s outer layers, including unattractive frizziness and split ends.

Dry the right way

Instead of scrubbing and rubbing, gently shake out any excess water and then pat dry. Stroke your towel in the same direction as your hair growth rather than attacking it like you might a wet dog trying to get through your legs and into the house.

2. Turn the heat down

You also need to be cautious if you like to blow dry your hair. Air drying is the best option for healthy hair, but it is not always the most practical choice. If you do need to blow dry, make sure that you always have your hairdryer set on the lowest heat possible and that you don’t over-dry it. If in doubt, always leave your hair slightly damp.

When it comes to heat, you also want to keep it down in the shower as hot water can strip your hair and scalp of those all-important essential oils. In general, protecting your hair from the damaging effects of heat is the best way to go.

3. Look after what you have

Remember that hair is easily damaged and you should protect it where you can. This means thinking about how you treat it and remembering things like avoiding wearing hats too often and getting rid of ones that sit too tightly on the head. These can pull on your hair's roots and lead to damage and hair loss. You also need to be protecting your hair from environmental and chemical damage, including the sun and chlorine in the pool. You also need to think about the hair products you use and whether they are appropriate for your hair type, as well as not overusing them.

4. Wash only once

Blackwood Hydroblast Moisturizing Conditioner

Washing your hair and then repeating the process is only good for the shampoo manufacturers as you will be using double the product. Two washes in one shower is pointless and can actually dry out your hair. Instead of buying double shampoo, make sure you spend some money on a good conditioner, such as the Blackwood Hydroblast Moisturizing Conditioner, instead. This will work in harmony with shampoos such as the Blackwood Active Man Daily Shampoo to give you the healthiest, most manageable hair possible.

Blackwood Active Man Daily Shampoo

Using the right shampoo and conditioner is important, especially if your hair is longer than a buzz cut. If you have a longer style, cheap shampoos and conditioners are a terrible choice. If you have short hair, the hair that is damaged by cheap products is cut off regularly, but this won’t happen with longer styles. Quality shampoos are likely to be much gentler on your hair, while cheaper varieties can strip it of natural oils, causing everything from a dry scalp to split ends and frizziness.

5. Understand your scalp type

Great hair starts with a well cared-for scalp, and knowing what type you have is the key to men’s hair care. If you have an oily scalp, try to avoid hydrating or moisturizing shampoos in favor of clarifying, balancing, or strengthening formulas. The opposite is true if you have a dry scalp and you are prone to getting dandruff or having an itchy head. Whatever shampoo you use, make sure you work it into your scalp for the best possible results.