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20 Women’s Long Hair Problems That Every Woman Will Relate To

20 Women’s Long Hair Problems That Every Woman Will Relate To

20 Women’s Long Hair Problems That Every Woman Will Relate To

Every woman with long hair knows that it is both one of your favorite things about your appearance and also sometimes so unbelievably annoying that you wonder why you put so much effort into keeping it long and luscious.

Here are just a few long hair problems that we’re sure you’ll recognize…

1. It takes forever to blow-dry your hair...

...but if you were to wait for it to properly air dry, it would literally take all day and all night.

2. Finding your hair absolutely everywhere

Seriously, it’s on your clothes, all over the floor, on your partner’s clothes… but the worst has got to be when it’s in your food!

3. When your hair gets stuck in your zipper or under your purse. Ouch!

Oh, and let’s not forget when it gets caught in your scarf during the winter and makes you look like you got a really awkwardly puffy bob haircut. It’s not a vibe.

4. Brushing your hair really is a total arm workout

Who needs the gym when you’ve got to divide your hair into at least 8 sections just to make sure you’re tangle-free?

5. When you get to work and you realize you’ve left your hair tie at home.

Hello to an entire day of constantly tucking your hair behind your ears. It always legitimately feels like you’ve left the house without your pants or your house keys.

6. That feeling when you sit down in the chair at the hair salon knowing you’re going to be there for a while.

And sometimes the stylist will even charge you extra. The audacity!

7. When you have to start getting ready to go out hours before you actually need to leave because flat ironing your hair will take forever.

8. Your hair is so heavy that putting it up in a top knot requires some heavy-duty bobby pins and at least three hair ties of differing sizes.

9. The hair-up headache. Because your hair is so heavy, any time you put it up, it won’t be long until your head starts to throb.

10. The literal agony of trying to detangle your hair after being outside for 10 seconds on a mildly breezy day.

Trying to detangle hair

11. Three words: sticky lip gloss. You’ve just got to avoid it completely because your hair will stick to it. Sometimes even lip balm is a no-go.

12. You can’t buy a single regular-sized bottle of shampoo and conditioner - you need to get that stuff in bulk!

13. The mild horror of having to clean the shower drain after washing your hair. How is there always so much of it?!

14. You try to rock a chic high pony tail at the gym, but your hair still ends up sticking to your sweaty armpits.

15. Necklaces are always a dangerous choice. Let’s be real: they’re probably going to get tangled with your hair within the hour.

16. You can’t get all your hair in your selfie. What even is the point of mermaid hair if you can’t show it off on Instagram?

17. That panicky feeling when you suddenly feel a tickle on the back of your arm or your leg and your first thought is that there’s a bug on you.

But no - you’ve just shed a single super-long hair.

18. The fear of choking to death in your sleep if you dare to wear your hair down.

Also, it’s just not worth the sheer number of tangles in the morning, so the only way to sleep is to scoop your hair back into a style that was last popular in the 19th century.

19. You finish your conditioner before you’ve even used half of your shampoo. There are so many mismatched bottles cluttering your shower!

Conditioning Shampoo Bar

It’s always a good idea to use a nourishing shampoo, such as this Conditioning Shampoo Bar, or Rehydrating Shampoo Bar that’s packed with ingredients designed to smooth and soften.

Rehydrating Shampoo Bar

20. You need to secure a last-minute appointment at the salon on the morning of a special occasion because the thought of styling your own hair is just too much.

Let's not forget how you are constantly threatening to chop off all your hair when it is being particularly irritating, but you also know that you’ll never actually do it because being “A Person With Long Hair” is a big part of your identity.