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15 Skincare Tips To Fix The Mistakes You Are Making

15 Skincare Tips To Fix The Mistakes You Are Making

15 Skincare Tips To Fix The Mistakes You Are Making

You can buy the best makeup in the world, but it will all count for very little if you don’t get your skincare routine right. Even with the best of intentions, it is very easy to get it wrong and make things worse instead of better. Here is a look at some of the most common mistakes you may be making and how to turn a corner and head toward more damage protection and increased power in the battle against premature aging.

1. Being too slow with your cleansing routine.

Speed up your cleansing routine to get the maximum benefit and prevent drying out. Use your alcohol-free toner and then your moisturizer straight after cleansing as leaving your skin bare for just a minute can result in it starting to dehydrate.

2. Not using the right products for your skin

You need to use products designed to meet your skin’s specific needs. Look for products that are formulated to care for your particular skin type.

3. Dealing with blemishes in the wrong way

Everyone will get blemishes at some point, but picking at them, smothering them in pimple cream or lotion at the wrong time, and using the wrong treatments are all common mistakes. This can result in the blemishes lasting much longer and cause scarring. The trick is to know what sort of blemish you are dealing with and treat it accordingly. If you have a pustular blemish, for example, wait for the whitehead to appear and then gently squeeze the infection out before applying a treatment designed to dry the area out. If you have a cystic issue, which usually involves blemishes on your jaw or chin, there is no point in picking at the area as these cysts will never make it to your skin’s surface. Instead, it is better to invest in an anti-cyst treatment that will help to treat the current infection while working to prevent problems from occurring in the future.

4. Exfoliating too often

Exfoliators such as an Exfoliating Face Scrub can be a great addition to your skincare routine but should not be used every day. Using too many aggressive treatments can damage your skin, injuring the moisture barrier and resulting in dehydration, inflammation, flaking and hyperpigmentation. Physical exfoliants should not be used more than three times per week.

Exfoliating Face Scrub

5. Not using daily sunscreen

It doesn’t have to be a bright and sunny day before you break out the sunscreen. One of the most common mistakes people make is not protecting their skin every day.

6. Not using enough sunscreen

Even if you do use sunscreen daily, you may not be using enough to offer the protection that you really need.

7. Not using toner

Toners are a necessary addition to your cleansing routine, removing the minerals and drying chlorines that are found in tap water and adding a moisture boost to your skin.

8. Using alcohol-based toners

Some people dislike alcohol-based toners because they make their skin feel dry. If this is you, don’t skip toners altogether. Instead, use an alcohol-free product to help carry active ingredients from your Wrinkle Recovery Serum and moisturizer deep into your skin.

Wrinkle Recovery Serum

9. Using bar soap on your skin

This is rarely a good choice for your skin as it can strip it of moisture and cause a buildup of dead skin cells, reversing all of the benefits of exfoliation.

10. Overusing moisturizer

Using too much moisturizer is actually a bad thing. Your skin can only absorb a certain amount, so there is no point in wasting your products when the only result is likely to be clogged pores.

11. Not cleansing well enough

Clean skin is healthy skin, so do a double cleanse with gentle products at night. The initial cleanse will remove makeup, and the second will actually clean your skin and get it ready for your nighttime products.

12. Applying products in the right order

Think about how you are putting your products on. Don’t make your eye cream have to fight its way through a layer of moisturizer, for example.

13. Don’t forget your neck

Don’t forget your neck

Don’t stop your skincare at your chin.

14. Use treatments in moderation

Skin resurfacing and laser treatments can make your skin look fabulous in the short term, but the inflammation they cause can age you in the longer term.

15. Ignoring skin health

Don’t just focus on fads and fashionable treatments. Maintaining basic skin health with the right oil and water balance can be the best treatment of all.