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15 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Amazing Beauty Tips

15 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Amazing Beauty Tips

15 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Amazing Beauty Tips

Everyone wants to look their best, and there is a wealth of beauty tips out there to copy. The problem is that you may not have time to look at them all. Look no further - here are the top 15 Instagram accounts to follow for amazing beauty tips that will have you looking your best for whatever life throws at you.


This Canadian beauty expert shares her tips on makeup and even offers tutorials so you can perfect her fantastic look yourself.

Karen Cristal

She covers a wide variety of areas such as makeup, hair, and fitness so you know you will look your best from top to bottom if you follow her account.

Surabhi Pisal

Surabhi Pisal shows you how to make beauty masks

This is a great account to follow if you want to learn how to make beauty masks at home using natural ingredients that are kind to your skin. She also offers beauty tutorials that will leave you glowing.

Patricia Bright

Patricia is a fashion and beauty blogger, so not only will you get some great makeup tips, but you will also be able to see what styles work best together in makeup and beauty. She is said to be a great source of inspiration for those who have dark skin.


This is a fantastic account to follow as it has been created by a professional makeup artist. Learn all the hints and the tricks of the trade by following her on Instagram. She specializes in glamorous makeup for that big night out.


Pinkmakehair provides inspiration for special occasions

Following this account will offer you a great combination of makeup and hair ideas for special occasions. If you are stuck for inspiration for a wedding, a day at the races, or the party of the year, look no further.

Komal Pandey Official

This well-known YouTuber has become a model for other brands and certainly has the inside scoop on the beauty secrets of the stars. She offers some fantastic makeup tutorials that you should try at home.

Shreya Jain

Shraya is a great all-arounder, and her Instagram account features makeup, beauty, and clothes for a fantastic all-over style. She also offers a section on makeup reviews that is incredibly useful and honest. This means you will be able to see exactly what you are getting before you go out and buy the products for yourself.


This is a wonderful account to follow, especially if you believe in cruelty-free cosmetics. The makeup shown on this account is all formulated without gluten or mineral oil as well, so they are kind to your skin and the environment.


Mypaleskin promotes the beauty of natural skin

This account belongs to retired model Em Ford, who is happy to show you all the tricks of the trade when it comes to catwalk fashion and beauty. The great thing about her is that she encourages followers to make the most of their natural skin rather than concealing it.


Daniel is a professional makeup artist who has worked for Ariana Grande, among others, so he really knows the beauty business inside out. He shares the secrets of his success and opens his makeup bag to show you what products are great to use. Follow this account, and you will be sharing the makeup secrets of the stars in no time.


This account is run by Linda Rodin, former stylist at Vogue. Although she doesn’t share a lot of her beauty tips, the photos she uses will give you some great ideas about how to achieve the look you want for yourself.


Nikkie is a hair and makeup artist to the stars, and she has amassed a fantastic following on YouTube. Her feminine styles can show you some great ways to achieve a natural look and perfect your summer style.


This account is an interesting one to follow as Gabriel knows most of what he does about make-up through watching YouTube and Instagram videos. This means that he has been able to pull all the best beauty hints and tips together, so you won’t have to trawl through endless videos yourself.


This account has been created by another professional in the beauty industry. It prides itself on being a light-hearted, fun way to discover new beauty ideas.

Follow these Instagram accounts to learn the beauty secrets of the professionals and keep yourself looking gorgeous with all the latest hints and tips in the world of beauty and beyond.